Each quotation is treated with the utmost efficiency. Schedules are formulated to suit the specifics of the client’s project.
In addition to price and schedule, suggestions in other publishing service areas are available and will be provided upon request.
A&F is delighted to share its industry knowledge at all stages of the project.

File review requires 2-3 days, depending on the size and quality of the files. We then proceed to the film separation stage, after which a digital or press proof is sent via International Express for color approval or client changes or replacement. We also accept soft proofing.
1) Files can be submitted to A&F by post or by uploading to our FTP site
2) PDF files are preferred
3) Finished film separations are accepted, but please consult with A&F first.

Printing will occur in the Beijing area, supervised by an experienced Quality Control Officer. An advance book sample will be produced and sent by express delivery for the customer’s final inspection to shipping large print runs.

A&F offers a choice of Ex-Factory, FOB or CIF, DDP delivery options. In every case we stand ready to provide all necessary documentation, assist with logistics and freight forwarding, and handle customs and import processing if preferred.
As for packing, 40” containers are normally used for shipping, using pallets, carefully packed with stretch-film and 10 mm high-density plywood.
Shipments leave 2-3 times per week, and routes are selected on the basis of speed and cost efficiency. We pride ourselves on a management system which understands the need for urgency.

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