Beijing Allied Fortune International Trade Limited (A&F) is a full-service printing company consisting of five state-of- the-art plants managed by a professional team that brings combined manufacturing experience of over 28 years.

A&F is located in the capital of China-Beijing, which is in the printing hub of Northern China aligns with the needs of 80% of established publishing houses and provides A&F with abundant industrial resources.

By utilizing this wealth of resources to full capacity, A&F has built long-standing relationships with neighboring printing, binding factories and publishing houses. A&F has its own well-equipped factory for packaging, handwork finishing and final quality control for all production. A&F also coordinates value-added services at a substantial discount compared to domestic market prices.

Comprehensive services include, but are not limited to the following:
* Printing * Binding * Handwork * Packaging

The core competencies of A&F’s consistent and efficient operations and quality customer service are due to its united, dedicated, and professional team of operators. That team spirit is exhibited at each step of the manufacturing process: Marketing, Pre-press, Printing, Binding, Quality Control, and Logistics. This guarantees high-quality productions and on-time deliveries.

Inheriting the wisdom and spirit of our ancestors, A&F is devoted to the BOOK, BOARD-GAME, and PACKAGING industries. Through our success in meeting clients’ needs, A&F continually strives to build the communication bridge between the Chinese and other cultures.